InboxDollars 2020 Review – Is it Legit or a Scam?

InboxDollars claims to have a legit way of helping you make extra money from the comfort of your sofa. It sounds too good to be true, right? Well, it is not. In the past two decades or so, the business world has experienced some changes. These changes have brought in some level of uncertainty to the table. Today, businesses have to conduct extensive research before they spend millions to make a product or infrastructure to deliver a service or experience. And for existing companies, research helps to keep them relevant and up to date with consumer needs.

But conducting research is expensive. As such, companies opt to contract survey sites like InboxDollars to handle the process. InboxDollars get customers that meet the demographic and reward them for completing the survey.

Unfortunately, though rewards for completing surveys is a thing, not all sites are legitimate or safe. And before you submit your information and spend your precious time on any platform, you need to be sure it is safe and legit.

So is InboxDollars one of the safe survey sites? We have compiled a quick guide to take you through what the platform has to offer. The guide will help you decide if InboxDollars is worth your time or not.

What is InboxDollars?

InboxDollars is a website where customers complete surveys, redeem points, watch ads, and make some extra money. It is the brainchild of Daren Cotter the owner of CotterWeb Enterprises, Inc. at the start of the 21st century. Currently, InboxDollars boats of having an excess of 10m million members (and new members are streaming in every other day). Over the two decades it has been operational, it has built a solid reputation for itself. It is known for its professionalism, exceptional customer support, transparency and integrity.

From 2008 to 2012 and in 2014, InboxDollars won the Inc. 5000 award. This award is given to the 5000 fastest-growing companies based in the US (private companies). Inc. Magazine compiles the list and ranks the companies based on their revenues over three years.

So is the company a legit survey website? Yes, it is. 14 years after it started operations, it had paid more than $35 million to its members and by 2017, the money paid hit $50 million. The site has more than 1 million fans and followers on Facebook and allows members to join their platform for free. Actually, for just joining the platform, you get $5.

Note: in 2005, InboxDollars bought SendEarnings and launched other sites in the UK and Canada – InboxPounds and DailyRewards respectively.


InboxDollars offers $5 to its members when they join. In addition to this, members also get paid to sign up for multiple services through the platform and email marketing adverts. And though the $5 is free, you cannot withdraw it immediately because there is a minimum withdrawal limit you need to meet.

Below are some ways you can earn more money to hit the withdrawal limit on the platform.

This is the number one method of earning money on the platform. The surveys range from easy registrations and some opinion forms to some in-depth market research questions. The amount you earn depends on how long the survey takes and how much the survey advertiser is paying InboxDollars.


If you are a gamer and love playing online games, how about you get paid for it? InboxDollars has a dedicated ‘Paid Games’ section on the website. You can earn prizes, gift cards, and earn cash simply by playing. Yes, gaming companies need to test games for bugs before releasing them to the general public. Delivering a half-baked product could seal the fate of a company even before it launches officially.

 Note: InboxDollars conveniently leaves out the fact that you might have to install some invasive third-party applications for the games to play on your device. Because of this, you should be careful with the software you download.


The other way to earn money on InboxDollars is by watching videos. You can view sponsored content on the platform and get paid for it. This is the same content you would have watched on YouTube or Facebook (or any other platform) for free.

Grocery coupons

If you hunt for grocery coupons, you should check out the ‘Grocery Coupons’ section. In this part of the account, you will come across coupons from top brands in your country. To use the coupons, you simply download and print them out. You will earn some cash for this and also save cash by using the coupon on your next grocery shopping.

Online shoppers earn cash back through the Paid Shopping section. According to InboxDollars, some of the big brands including Walmart, the Gap, and Amazon, offer InboxDollars a commission when you shop using its links. And that’s not all, InboxDollars also offers you a commission for using the links.

Through this program, InboxDollars pays you for opening and reading emails. To earn money from this program, you will need to opt into the service and receive the PaidEmails from the company.

Opening and reading the emails will earn you some small amount of money. And if the email is an advertisement for a product or service through a video, you can watch it through InboxDollars. Alternatively, you can try the service for free for a specified period.

Pricing and fees

By now, it should be clear that joining InboxDollars (like most survey sites), is free. You earn a $5 bonus when you sign up and around $0.25 for each survey you complete. Each survey takes about ten minutes (it might be longer). With these numbers, you will have to spend several hours on the platform to make several dollars. If there is a steady flow of surveys and you have the time, you will make about $1.5 an hour.

 Note: You need to earn a minimum of $30 before you make a withdrawal.

When you are ready to request payment, navigate to ‘My Account’ and select ‘Request Payment.’ But before you request the payment, make sure the email address is correct and the payment method InboxDollars supports is available in your country. Some of the payment methods include direct deposit into your bank account, ePayments, merchant cards, and Prepaid Visa.

When should you expect the payments?

The first payment for a non-gold member is processed between 10 and 16 days following the payout request on every Wednesday. To have the money processed within ten days, you should ask for payment before the end of Sunday. After your first payment is processed, you are considered a Gold member.

Now, all gold members who choose the ePayment option get an email on the same day before 3 pm Central Time. Every ePayment option is listed on one page when the member redeems the payment.

As a Gold member, you have the option of selecting the cards without having an account, or you can choose to create an account for extra benefits. If you have a Tango Card, you can cash out more money an even send your earnings to friends and family members through email as donations or gift cards.

When you choose to use eCards, you will not incur additional fees. On the other hand, Prepaid Visa cash cards are processed via Swift. All cheques go through the postal office. Because of this, they take about two weeks to get to their destinations.

 Note: you need to have an active InboxDollars account to request for payment. Also, payment processing time doesn’t take into account mailing time.

How much money can you make on InboxDollars?

Every time you complete a survey or engage with offers on the platform, you earn some money. But the question is, how much can one expect to make in a month from the platform?

This depends on several factors from how much time you spend in the account, to the number of surveys you complete, the number of surveys available, the country you live in, and the offers you interact with. But all factors held constant, the amount of money you make will depend on the time you spend on the platform, and the money-making activities you engage in.

InBoxDollars Security

Expectedly, InboxDollars has several complaints and good reviews (more on this on the pros and cons). Some people complain that it is difficult to hit the $30 minimum withdrawal limit and others are not at peace with the $3 processing fee.

But besides these complaints, InboxDollars seems to have a lid on its security. The website is safe, and the platform is legit. Moreover, it has an A rating with BBB (Better Business Bureau) and backing from Prodege a top market research and lead generation company.

Customer support

InboxDollars has a self-service only customer support option. However, it lacks a live number you can use to get in touch with the support staff.

But on the flip side, the company has a live chat option and allows you to send tickets through the reputable Zendesk. Though the support team is good, it is not the best we have come across.


  • It works with cash and not points – this gets rid of the confusion of converting points to cash.
  • Versatile – InboxDollars has a plethora of money-making avenues, as we have seen above.
  • Convenience – you can earn as much as you want from the comfort of your home or when on the road. All you need is an internet connection and you are good to go.
  • Reliability – you can rest easy knowing that InboxDollars will pay you on time once your balance hits $30 (the minimum threshold)
  • Transparent and flexible – you can select an ePayment option or a traditional cheque without incurring hidden fees.
  • Easy navigation – the website design is simple, and everything is clearly labeled. The categories are organized making it easy to get what you want.


  • InboxDollars charges a $3 processing fee when you cash out $30. The fee can be waived if you choose to wait for your balance to get to $40 before you request your payment.
  • InboxDollars doesn’t provide direct deposits or PayPal
  • Merchant eCards and Pre-Paid visa cash cards are only eligible to customers living in the US
  • You cannot make partial payments.


InboxDollars is a trusted program that will reward you with real money instead of points like most survey sites do. They make their payments in an efficient and timely fashion. Once you sign in, you get a $5 bonus, but you can only get this money after you earned another $25 and hit the $30 minimum.

You can earn a lot of money over time on the platform by completing surveys and daily activities in your free time (for instance, during lunch break). And with the many money-making avenues available, you can make consistent money – just not enough to replace your primary source of income.


Is InboxDollars safe and legit?

Yes, it is. The company has been around for two decades and is owned by a larger and older company.

Can I earn a living from InboxDollars?

We will be honest with you – no, you cannot. Survey sites are not made to replace primary sources of living. However, you can make enough to pay small bills like Netflix and others.

How long will I wait for my payment?

InboxDollars payments take about two weeks to process. The length of time depends on the day and time you request for payment - it can vary between 10 and 16 days.

Does InboxDollars have an app?

Yes, it does. This might come as a shock to many since many survey sites make due with a mobile-optimized website only. You can download the app from Google Play Store or Apple Store. It has a 4+ star rating which means it is good enough. With the app, you can make money even when you are on the go. It does however, have some glitches which are constantly being fixed by InboxDollars.