PointClub Review 2020 – Legit or Scam?

PointClub markets itself as one of the best survey sites (as you would expect). But if history has taught you anything is not to take the marketing gimmicks as the complete truth. Though survey sites help people make money on the side, not all are legit. And even those that are legit, some are not worth your time because the reward vs. the time you put in doesn’t match.

To help you decide, we have compiled a comprehensive PointClub review. We shall dig deep into the workings of the website and what it has to offer.

Without wasting too much time, let’s dive into it.

What is PointClub?

PointClub is a survey site. This means that companies contract it to undertake authentic surveys from their target market. The surveys help companies to determine whether their product or service is needed. It also helps established companies know the changes they should make to retain customers and reel in more. Simply put, it’s a way of giving customers a voice in the product, services, and experience they get from their favorite companies.

PointClub (as pointclub.com) has been around since 2012. However, digging deeper into its history, we realize that the company has been around for longer but under a different name. For a long time, it was Focusline (a survey site that has served companies since 1996). However, they have since merged to form PointClub.

We should also point out that PointClub is a legitimate site. But unfortunately, being legit doesn’t mean that it is the perfect site for you to join. As such, we have taken time to break down what it offers so that you can decide if it is for you or not.

The main method of earning on the platform is through taking surveys. But there are other methods of earning.


This is by far the biggest method of earning some cash on PointClub. Overall, the site is user-friendly and is always up to date. From the simple style and the constant upgrades, it is clear that the company wants to remain relevant and make it fun to take the surveys.

After you create an account, you will see a variety of surveys waiting for you.

Note: Not all surveys are available to you. It will take some time before you figure out how to find surveys on the platform that you qualify for.

All the surveys are under the ‘Missions Tab.’ The number of survey you can complete on the platform depends on several things including where you live and your demographic profile. Customers from certain countries have more opportunities than others, depending on the type of companies that are in contract with PointClub.

As you fill out the surveys, bear in mind that PointClub is keen on delivering accurate results to its clients. Therefore, they expect you to be honest. If, for example, you say you earn ‘X’ amount on your profile and then on the survey you say you earn ‘Y’ amount, you risk being disqualified from the surveys. So while you might be tempted to lie to qualify for some surveys, remember there are consequences when you are caught.

Offer board

This is what other survey sites call offer walls. PointClub has several boards that contain more boards. The boards could be extra surveys, watching videos, downloading apps, signing up for some free trials, and other activities. Some of the offers will boost your earnings while some are a complete waste of time. Because of this, make sure you read the T&Cs to know what you expect before you commit.

With that said, the offer board comes in handy when there are no surveys you qualify for.

Note: the rewards for the offer board aren’t as alluring as those on surveys. But be it as it may, the board is a good way of supplementing your income.

Joining bonus

When you join the platform, PointClub offers a joining bonus to welcome you. For creating an account, you earn 2000 points (equivalent to $2). And when you complete your basic profile and confirm your email, you get additional bonuses.

Before you even complete a survey, you will have 5000 points ($5) in your account. Very few sites offer such high bonuses. The only other site that rivals PointClub in this is Swagbucks.

Daily free contest

As a member of the platform, you get to participate in some free contests daily. The contests are only available on Facebook. Each day PointClub posts a SuperCode on its Facebook page. To participate, you should copy the code and paste it on your PointClub account. This will enter you into a draw where ten winners are randomly picked. Each of the winners receives 1000 points. To be eligible for the draw, you should also like the Facebook post detailing the code.

Granted, 1000 points is not a huge reward, but it still a good enough reward for the trouble of participating.

Free points even when you don’t qualify for a survey

PointClub offers points even when you are disqualified from the survey. It offers 12 points just for trying. Why would they do this? Well, because completing the screening process takes some time. It would be frustrating if you complete the screening, you get disqualified and walk away empty-handed.

Again, 12 points are not a lot, but it helps ease the frustration of being locked out of a survey.

Daily streak bonus

If you log into your account every day, you will earn extra bonuses. PointClub calls it the daily streak bonus. The bonus comes in different levels.

At level 1, you are eligible for a 10% bonus on every survey you complete. After logging into your account for five days, you progress to level two, where you get a 20% bonus on the surveys you complete. PointClub has ten levels. If you log into your account 100 days in a row, you will get a 100% bonus on every survey.

Note: If you miss a day, you drop to level 1. Make sure you set a reminder to log in every day to retain your bonus level.

In addition to the extra survey bonuses, PointClub also offers extra points for progressing to higher levels. For instance, when you get to level three, you will get 1000 points. The beauty of the platform is that you don’t need to complete a survey to maintain the streak; logging in is enough.

Media lab

Under this tab, you will get paid to review all kinds of content including offers, videos and ads. After interacting with every piece of content, you will have to provide feedback by clicking on a green, yellow or red smiley. This is a quick and easy way of earning money – but as you would expect, it does not pay as much, you will have to watch about 13 pieces of any content to get 30 points ($0.03). To get to the $1 mark, you will have to watch over 520 pieces.

If you have time, it is a good and fun method to earn.

Invite friends

This is a new option PointClub has added. After creating an account, you get a referral link that you can share with your friends. If they join PointClub through it, they will be your referrals and you will be rewarded for it.

Each time your referral earns, you also get something. When they first start, you will get a 10% commission, and your referral will still get the standard points. If you refer many active friends (20), your commission increases to 20%. This is not the best way to make money for most people but if you have many friends, it never hurts to try.

How does one get paid?

After completing a survey, PointClub gives you points instead of money. You will late convert these points into money. In PointClub 1000 points is equivalent to $1. You can decide to get the money in cash or through a gift card.

If you choose cash, PointClub will transfer the money to PayPal or a prepaid Visa. On the other hand, if you choose gift cards, you can get Uber, Target, Walmart, Sephora, TGI Friday’s, and more.

Note: there are more than 80 establishments you can choose to get gift cards from.

While we are still on the points system, we should make a clear differentiation between pending and approved funds. Pending funds ae points you’ve earned by the company that ordered the survey hasn’t approved them yet. Because they haven’t been approved, you cannot cash them out. You can cash out approved funds.

Before you can claim a reward, you should earn $25 and above. In comparison to many companies, this number is high. But with the $5 bonus, fee, beginners don’t have a hard time attaining this amount.

How much money can one make from PointClub?

Unfortunately, we cannot definitively say you will earn this much on PointClub. This is because the amount is subject to several factors, including demographics, the country you are in, how much time you put in and the number of surveys you complete.

But even with these variations, you cannot make PointClub a full-time career. The survey site is only good for earning extra cash to pay small bills in the house like Netflix.

Is it available on mobile?

Who doesn’t love the convenience of taking surveys from their phone? It helps to fill in time on the road you would have spent sleeping. Unfortunately, PointClub (like most survey sites) doesn’t have an application you can download. But what they have is a mobile-optimized site.

You can log in through any mobile device and access all the site’s features.

Who is eligible to join PointClub?

In theory, you can join PointClub regardless of your country. But practically, it makes sense to join when you are in specific countries. This is because some countries rarely have survey options available

Most of the survey opportunities are for individuals living in the US. But customers from Mexico, Brazil, the UK, the Netherlands, and Germany can earn some good money as well.

How good is the support?

In case you get stuck on the platform, you can reach out to PointClub’s support team through a contact form on the website. The alternative to the contact form is leaving a message on their Facebook page. PointClub uses its Facebook page a lot, and you can be sure that a direct message will get to them.

Some people have complained that PointClub doesn’t do a good job of replying to customer queries on the Facebook post comment section. Because of this, you are probably better off using the contact form or sending a direct message.


  • It is easy to use
  • It has great rewards
  • It has good customer service
  • There are many survey opportunities


  • The payout threshold is high
  • Offers on the board aren’t the best we have come across


PointClub is a legit site, and you can earn some good money if all factors are in your favor. However, you should not expect it to replace your primary income. Making thousands of dollars is a dream even for those who live in countries with a steady flow of surveys.

The features of the platform are good and will help keep you motivated to complete surveys and stay on the platform for longer.


How old do I need to be to join PointClub?

Since the platform is safe and legitimate, it is a good place for teens from 13 years to spend time and earn some money on the side.

Is there a maximum amount I can earn?

PointClub only has a minimum withdrawal threshold ($25). You can earn as much as you possibly can, depending on the availability of surveys and how much time you can spare.

How long does it take to sign up?

The signup process is short and takes about three minutes. When you are done, you will have $5 in your account as a joining bonus.

Which payment options does PointClub offer?

You can withdraw cash through PayPal or a prepaid debit card. You can also opt for gift cards.