Survey Junkie Review 2020 – Is it Legit or Scam?

If you are reading this, you are probably wondering if Survey Junkie is a scam or it’s legit? Well, because of the recent influx of survey companies (most of which are not worth your time), you are justified to be a skeptic. But before you blow off Survey Junkie like a con company, it’s only right that you get some information about it.

To help you conclude, we took the liberty of digging deeper into the company and we learned something new – Survey Junkie is part of a bigger, more reputable company. Long story short, Survey Junkie is definitely worth checking out.

What is Survey Junkie?

Survey Junie was founded in 2013, in Glendale California. They are part of DISQO and serve as the online market research department. Before 2018, DISQO went by the name Active Measure and Blue Media Ventures.

Survey Junkie is said to have over 3 million members. However, they do not disclose how many of these are active members. On the main website, Survey Junkie states that their sole mission is to connect voices to big brands and in the process help to shape the world. And actually, a lot of content on their page is all about the surveys they conduct can help you impact different companies and brands that they choose to work with. While we cannot prove if they actually give a voice to the people, but the mission sounds legit and it gives a sense of success.

So, where do you come in? To conduct the surveys and offer companies feedback on pertinent issues about their service, product and experience, Survey Junkie needs to reach out to the ideal customer – you. But why would you give them a moment of your time? Easy, because they will reward you for it.

Now, at this point, we would like to stress that Survey Junkie is not a get-rich-quick scheme like most people think it is. However, it is a good way of making extra money. The platform is free to sign up for and use.

Below is how the Survey Junkie system works and why you should consider it.

How Survey Junkie works

At this point, it is clear that Survey Junkie is a platform designed purely for conducting surveys. And though there may be conflicting reviews about Survey Junkie, one thing is true, setting up your account is easy (more on this later). Once you have an account, you can start taking surveys immediately.

Unlike may survey websites, with Survey Junkie, you will not just be answering questions about your weight, politics, or other general and boring categories. Instead, the questions are focused and leave room to express your opinion which helps brands to deliver better services, products and experience. You practically become an influencer without having a large social following.

Before you take a survey, there Survey Junkie will show you how many points the survey is worth and how long it will take. Usually, surveys carry points ranging from 10 to 200 points and take about 20 minutes to complete. This is a nice feature because it gives you a good idea of how much time you will commit and the reward to expect. This way, you don’t feel like you are getting a raw deal after the survey.

After you have taken several surveys and have accumulated a minimum of $10, you can redeem the points for gift cards or cash. And here’s the good news, some of the gift cards are from big names like Amazon and Starbucks. But if you prefer to cash out, survey Junkie will send cash into your PayPal account.

After every survey, the points reflect on the Lifetime Points column on the left side of the website. With most survey sites, this is not a feature you enjoy.

Note: If you don’t qualify for a specific survey, you still get points for it. With other survey websites, if you don’t qualify, you wave the points bye-bye which is quite frustrating because filling out the demographic questions alone (those that determine if you qualify for the survey or not) takes time. And though you are down for changing the world one company at a time, the deal is to get a reward.

Points to Cash

In Survey Junkie, every point is equivalent to a cent. This means that when you hit 1000 points, you’ll get to the minimum $10 required to cash in. It’s important to note that the points you accumulate on the platform will expire when you stop using the account. To ensure that the account remains active and you save your points from disappearing, you should complete a survey every year (this is quite manageable).

Note: Other survey site points expire before the 12-month timeline.

 Some hacks to help you make more money

Those there’s no magic to make you earn more on the platform, or guarantee a steady flow of money on the side, there are some tips that can help you improve your odds of making more money.

  • Take time to install Survey Junie Pulse. This is a browser extension that will help you earn a little more by allowing Survey Junkie to monitor your online activity
  • You can jump on the referral program and earn points for ushering in others onto the platform
  • You should open a separate email account for the survey site. This way, you are organized and will not miss any survey or important information.

How much money can you make with Survey Junkie?

It is true you can make legit money with Survey Junkie. But it’s also true that the platform is not a get-rich-quick scheme. So the question is, how much money can you expect to rake in every week or month? And if the money worth the hassle?

Well, Survey Junkie isn’t a career option. But, it’s a good option compared to wasting precious time on YouTube or drawing battle lines on Twitter. Instead of scrolling through images and videos of people living their best life, how about you earn some extra coins and inch closer to your dream life?

Here is a ratio of the reward, time, and commitment to help you make a choice.

Like we mentioned above, Survey Junkie offers points between 10 and 200 depending on the time you spend on the platform, which could be anywhere between three and 23 minutes, if not more. Here is a practical example to explain this further.

If you decide to take a survey with a 10-point reward and that should take 6 minutes, then the rate is $1 every hour (remember 10 points is equivalent to 10 cents). The $1 every hour is true if you take 6 minutes or less to complete the survey.

Note: though the numbers are not impressive, in comparison to what other survey sites offer, they are great.

 Overall, the money you stand to make on the platform depends on several factors, including:

  • The number of surveys Survey Junie invites you to complete
  • The number of surveys you take
  • How long you take to complete every survey

After joining the platform, you might have several surveys lined up for you. But once you settle in, you should expect about 1 and 4 surveys every week. So how much do Survey Junkie users make?

Most make enough to pay for their Netflix bills every month, while some users make more than $200 in some months because they find themselves in the ideal demographic bracket.

Does Survey Junkie really pay?

All this sounds too good to be true, right? Well, it’s not when you understand the problem he survey site is solving.

You see, the journey of an entrepreneur is not an easy one. The market keeps changing, and if they are too busy churning out services and products, they will not notice it. Soon, they will be pushed out of the market by a new company. Survey sites offer invaluable feedback to companies and businesses. The information helps to improve the quality of service, product, and experience. Without survey sites like Survey Junkie, companies would spend thousands if not millions on market research (and probably fail).

For some companies, they need to know how their product and services will resonate with users before investing money. And so, to fulfill the contract terms of delivering an honest public opinion, Survey Junkie is willing to pay for the time you take filling out forms.

Note: public opinion is not the ultimate factor product researchers consider. However, it is a huge part of the puzzle that is market research.

How Survey Junkie Pays Through PayPal

There are several things to bear in mind if you opt to cash out your points.

PayPal transfer fees – PayPal charges transfer fees from PayPal into the bank account. The transfer fee is about 3% of the cash. This means that if you send $10, you lose 30 cents. If you spend money directly from PayPal, you can save more.

PayPal empties the survey points – when you choose to get cash, Survey Junkie will redeem all your points. You don’t get the option of redeeming a portion of the points. However, if you choose the gift card option, you can redeem some of your points. Though this is not a big deal, it has left some users confused.

How you Sign Up to Survey Junkie

Now that we have the tiny details out of the way, are you ready to start the journey of making some money on the side? If you are, below is some detail on the sign-up process.

The first step is to visit the Survey Junkie website and enter personal information including your name, email address, address, gender and birthday. The best part about the sign-up process is that you don’t have to verify your account immediately.

The sign-up process takes about 10 seconds. And for the trouble of setting up the account, Survey Junkie rewards you with 25 points. When you complete your profile (by answering 16 questions), you will earn another 50 points. These questions are mostly about demographics and family. You have the option of not answering some questions you feel are too personal including how much you make. Also, be warned, some questions unlock extra questions. We experienced this with the family medical history questions.

The whole process of settling in earns you several points. Here is a quick breakdown.

  • Sign up – 25 points
  • Completing your profile – 50 points
  • Confirming your email – 25 points
  • Taking the ‘How it works’ tour – 5 points
  • Completing a profile survey – 10 points

If you want to complete the surveys on the go, you can consider downloading and installing the Survey Junkie app.

Survey Junkie pros and cons

Here are the good and bad about the platform to help you make a final decision.


  • It is free to sign up
  • You get multiple points when you create an account
  • You can redeem your points for cash or a gift card
  • The time and reward for every survey is displayed before the survey starts
  • The answers are all anonymous


  • There are not enough surveys for users
  • The payout is relatively low
  • Only residents from Australia, Canada, and the US are allowed onto the platform

Verdict – is Survey Junkie worth your time?

If you thought taking surveys was a waste of time; hopefully this piece has changed your mind. The concept is noble and everyone wins. Survey Junkie is a legit company and is less intrusive in comparison to most survey sites.

So, yes, it is worth looking into.


Does Survey Junkie charge any fees?

No, it does not. Everything is free. If anything, they reward you for your time. However, you might incur PayPal charges.

Can anyone create an account?

Yes, anyone can create an account. However, because of the companies that Survey Junkie has, it only takes users from Australia, the US, and Canada. Those who use VPNs to fool the system end up losing money and time.

How old should I be to take surveys?

Survey Junkie allows users aged 13 years onto their platform. This is great since it allows youngsters to earn some cash in a secure environment.

How do I contact Survey Junkie?

When you need help with anything, you can get in touch with the support team through an online contact form. However, be prepared to wait for a response between 5 and 7 days. The response time is poor, but since the team handling millions of users is small, it will have to do.