Valued Opinions Review 2020 – Legit or Scam?

Who doesn’t love easy money? Participating in a paid survey is one of the easiest ways to boost your income. But to succeed, you need to choose a legit site. That explains why you are looking up Valued Opinions.

We know it can be a tedious and time-consuming exercise, but we are here to help you weed out the bad apples. In this article, we provide an exhaustive analysis of Valued Opinions and let you decide if it’s the right option for you or not.

What is Valued Opinions?

Valued Opinions is a research platform owned by Dynata Global UK Limited

Company. The company rewards its members for their opinions, which it compiles and sells as data to researchers willing to pay for this information.

It has a global presence, with more than 3 million members on the platform ready to share their opinions for rewards. Its survey topics vary, but they are pretty exciting and appeal to all demographics.

You may wonder how it works. How does it pay, and how often? Don’t worry! We attend to all these questions in this comprehensive Valued Opinions review.

How Valued Opinions Works

When you become a member of Valued Opinions, you participate in a paid online survey. Your opinion helps producers or service providers to optimize their products or services in the future.

It’s not complicated. Your work is to complete online surveys, test products at home, or complete diary studies. Once you have submitted, the company rewards you with credit towards gift cards from top brands like, Macy’s, Target, and many more. Unlike most surveys that are long, dull, and vague, Valued Opinion surveys are short, concise, and fun. They take about 15 to 20 minutes and have interesting questions, making it a fun way to earn some side money.

Ready to become a member? It is quick and easy. First, complete a brief registration form, which like an email account, only requires a few personal details. Once you create your account, you need to activate it to start receiving invitations to complete surveys. As a tip, first, complete the ten profile surveys accessible to you to position you for tailored surveys that fit your interests.

The Valued Opinions account has a dashboard, in ‘My Surveys’ section, where you get all the surveys. You can similarly get an invitation through email. Still, My Surveys dashboard lists up to four research per day, and this number depends on your demographics. In the cases when you don’t qualify for these surveys, you still have a chance to participate in sweepstakes games and win something.

While the surveys feature prominently, you’ll also get to participate in advertising campaigns, and testing new products and provide an honest judgment about them.

You earn up to $5 in credit per survey you complete. You can accumulate your rewards up to at least $10 to exchange them for a voucher from top-tier e-commerce retail outlets like, Macy’s. The credits are in dollars, not a complicated point system. So, you quickly redeem them without losing value.

Features of Values Opinions

  • Survey Invites
  • Target North America, Europe, and Oceania regions.
  • Surveyor must be at least 16
  • Account invites
  • You earn credits you can redeem for gift certificates from Major Retailers
  • Minimum redemption balance is $10
  • Processing for mailed vouchers might be a few weeks, but electronic rewards arrive within an hour.
Note: Valued Opinions has undergone a facelift but its functionality is pretty much the same, except that now you can see your reward balance easily.

Pros and Cons of Valued Opinions


  • An excellent pay rate – $1 to $5 is among the best prices in the market.
  • The surveys are short, taking about 15 – 20 minutes.
  • The surveys are fun to participate in, save for the reward
  • There are lots of invitations, depending on your demographics.


  • No cash – gift cards and vouchers are good, but money would have been better.
  • Poor customer support. It’s a hustle to get the matter solved.
  • Demographic may limit the surveys you access

How its Payment System Works

As already mentioned, you can redeem your rewards for a voucher, otherwise referred to as a gift card. Therefore, there’s no withdrawal method needed as you can’t redeem it the prizes for cash.

As for the retail vouchers, you can go with an e-voucher which comes available within 24 hours of the request, or a physical paper voucher that it mailed you the traditional way. The latter may take up to four weeks after your request.

While the lowest redeemable amount is $10, the threshold varies depending on the retail outlet you choose. Even so, the value of each credit is not affected at all. In most cases, the minimum threshold is not often more than $20.

Although Valued Opinions doesn’t offer cash, you have an easy way to get a shopping voucher. It supports the following options:

  • Visa® Promocode
  • com e-voucher
  • $20 App Store & iTunes Gift Card
  • Rapid Rewards® Points
  • com eGift Card
  • Spa & Wellness eGift Card
  • Target eGift Card
  • Nike Digital Gift Card
  • Giftpax Multi-Brand Gift Card
  • Macy’s E-Gift Card
  • com Gift Card
  • CVS/pharmacy eGift Card

You can even get a donation voucher to a nonprofit like the UNICEF.

If you meet the eligible amount, you can redeem a reward. However, you’ll first need to verify your account using a valid US phone number. So, you can’t use one number for multiple accounts. You receive a validation code to confirm reclamation. This code serves as a security check preventing any fraudulent activity while also stopping one person from owning multiple accounts. And in case you don’t have a mobile number, you’ll need to provide a landline number.


  • The legal minimum age is 13 years.
  • Must be a resident of the US.
  • Must have a working phone number, whether mobile or landline.
  • Provide an email address
  • Provide a physical home address
Note: It’s typical for kids survey sites, Valued Opinion included, to ask for parental permission letter for you to participate if you are aged under 16.

Types of Accounts

Once you become a member, you get badges for activating your account, taking work and update your profile regularly, and when you redeem rewards. Valued Option has five levels of accounts, and each level has some activities to fulfill before you level up and join the next stage. They are as follows:

  1. Bronze – The badge is the entry-level, and all you require here is to create your account and activate it. However, you need to need to complete several tasks at this level to unlock the silver membership.
  2. Silver – Here is where you begin to level up. To be a silver member, you must have a survey profile that is at least 25% complete, you’ve completed your first survey and do a study each week.
  3. Gold – A gold member must have 50% of their survey profile done, have completed their tenth survey, and has done at least two in the consecutive two weeks. Such a member is morphing up into a regular survey taker.
  4. Platinum – Platinum members are relatively active and take surveys regularly. They have almost completed their profile now, just a quarter of it to go. They have a constant run, taking a study each week for three consecutive weeks, and have completed 25 surveys. Also, even if you don’t meet the other requirements, but you have a complete survey profile, you automatically join the platinum level.
  5. Diamond – Diamond is the most coveted level. Here, you have a complete survey profile, you have at least completed fifty surveys in your collections, and you are super-active, with participation in at least each week of the month.

Failing to take surveys will lose you your badge. For example, if you fail to pick work and you are at the Diamond level, the following week, you’ll drop to the platinum level. This reverse movement continues unless you choose surveys.

You can’t complete your profile once as some parts expire over time. So you need to update your profile as required regularly. That’s why you may see a profile drop in your profile. Just update the required field to restore you to 100% complete.

Step by Step Guide How to make money from Valued Opinion

Step 1: Create your account at Valued Opinion website. You have the option to signup with your Facebook profile.

Step 2: Verify your account.

Step 3: Complete the profile related survey.

Step 3: Get a Bronze badge.

Step 4: Complete the profile related survey.

Step 5: Complete more surveys regularly and level up

Step 6: Redeem your rewards for your preferred gift card.

Step 7: Once at the Diamond level, frequently update your profile while completing more surveys.

Customer Service

Recently Valued Opinions had a facelift, doing away with the purple and introducing yellow and blue to match the dominant green. This improvement has made the site easier to navigate, as now you can now quickly see the available surveys and your eyes bat on the reward balance with ease. It is now fully mobile responsive such that you can work on the reviews on the go. Yet, as most survey takers will confess, the site would have instead improved its customer support.

All these tweaks amount to nothing since the only way to reach the customer support is via email. You send the email by filling out the web contact form. It would have been better had they introduced live chats, which increases customer satisfaction. But it seems Valued Opinions still doesn’t know Live Chat service is a win-win for both them and their survey takers. For that, we are incredibly disappointed.

Is it legit or a scam?

It’s legit! Valued Opinions is the easiest way to get your hands of an Amazon gift card. Whereas it doesn’t pay in cash, its rewards are redeemable for shopping vouchers or even donation cards. Also, if you compare it with other survey websites, it pays handsomely. The only downside, however, is the poor customer support. While many survey takers might ignore this aspect, you only know its importance when you have a problem, and you need help. Otherwise, it is an excellent place to earn side income to facilitate your online purchases. But the ultimate decision is yours, on our side, we recommend it!


What do I need to register as a survey taker?

For you to become a survey taker at Valued Opinions, you need to be a resident of the US aged at least 13 years and must provide an email address, physical address, and a valid US phone number.

Why do I need mobile verification?

Mobile verification is for data security and to protect your rewards. You must verify your account with a valid US phone number before redeeming your gift cards. You may have to reverify your account when you want to redeem rewards afterward. During the verification, Valued Opinion sends you a validation code that you must input to carry out the validation successfully.

How long will it take to complete a survey?

These surveys vary in length, but most will only take between 15 to 20 minutes to complete. Some like studies, however, are exceptionally long and may even go for hours or even days to complete.

Why is the survey closed?

If a survey closes if its completion date as passed or when it has met the required numbers of survey takers. Some of these surveys, particularly those you get invitations to respond to, have a deadline before they become obsolete. However, Varied Opinion communicates this date on the email. Also, a survey may suddenly close while you are working on if it has achieved the desired number of respondents.

Why didn't I qualify for the survey?

You may not qualify for a survey for several reasons, including failure to meet the requisite specifications. Usually, Varied Opinions carry an assessment to determine your suitability and see if you exhibit the criteria. Each survey has its specifications and some target specific gender, age, or people from a given region. You only qualify if you meet these requirements.

Are all surveys paid?

Some surveys, usually short questionnaires, are meant to assess your ability for a particular research project. These questionnaires take a few minutes, but they are unpaid as they help you build your profile. Valued Opinions use them to pre-select researchers for lucrative projects.